Richie Benson & Kasey Robinson


Gender equity and inclusion specialists


Richie and Kasey from Beyond Equality explore the impact of gender norms and the ways in which we can all engage men and boys in active roles to create a more equitable future.

Richie Benson (he/him) is an experienced educator, youth worker, trainer and facilitator focused on social activism and sexual harassment and sexual violence prevention work. A graduate of the University of Sussex and EICTV, Cuba he works primarily with young adults in higher educational settings and people of all ages and genders across spaces in the night time economy industry.

Kasey Robinson (she/her) is an experienced Equality, Diversity and Inclusion/Anti-Oppression consultant and facilitator. She has a Masters degree in Gender from The London School of Economics and Political Science and over the years has worked with a number of companies and organisations ranging from healthcare brands, retail, brands, schools and colleges, intergovernmental organisations, charities and NGOs.